Tom Stavran

Mountain Dulcimer Teacher and Performer


I've been playing the mountain dulcimer seriously since 2010 (before then I was just fooling around).  I built a dulcimer from a kit in the late '70s, learned two or three songs and then moved back to playing the guitar (until I was able to accomplish what I set out to do....get a girl to fall for me).  I rediscovered my dulcimer in 2010 and realized that that was the instrument meant for me.  As the saying goes, you can learn a song in 5 minutes, but it will take a lifetime to master. 


  I enjoy sharing the ease of playing the dulcimer, and drawing in folks that think they are 'musically  challenged'.  Three strings, and only the notes you really need...what could be easier?


  I also play in churches, assisted living facilities, and other small, casual events.

Mountain Dulcimer